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MNblockchain meets with Tom Emmer’s office in DC

Bridget Doran Co-founder of MNblockchain met with Landon Zinda, Senior Legislative Director in Tom Emmer’s office at the end of February 2019. They discussed Minnesota Blockchain Initiative plans, the legislative climate towards blockchain in DC, Tom Emmer’s plans with the DC Blockchain Caucus, as well as blockchain initiatives in Minnesota.

MNblockchain is grateful for the continued support from Representative Emmer and his team and we will continue to foster this relationship. Representative Emmer is a forward-thinking legislator and understands the benefits of blockchain and how they can help the people in this great state of Minnesota.

An interesting side-note from Bridget’s visit, she learned that Representative Emmer’s office is the very same office where the esteemed former president John F. Kennedy served when he was a US Representative.

Rep. Tom Emmer's Office, Washington DC
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