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Healthcare Innovation: Decent Project

Decent is a blockchain-based health care company that aims to leverage revolutionary technologies to create a transparent and fair insurance system that rewards patients like never before, solving some of the most vexing problems in USA healthcare. They believe that the root cause of healthcare’s problems is that all key stakeholders except the patient benefit when costs go up.

Initially, Decent is building a regulator-approved platform whose first clients will be freelancers. They will decentralize core insurance functions over time to create a peer-to-peer health insurance protocol to be used globally.

From their website:

We are building a risk-bearing, regulator-approved health insurance company because centralized insurers run healthcare, and becoming one will teach us what we need to know to decentralize core functions over time and deliver more value back to our members. We don’t mean to antagonize traditional insurance companies — there are many good people at those companies just doing what they are incentivized to do. But our approach is a bit like finding the vulnerabilities in the Death Star by constructing one yourself.

Some additional highlights:

  • They have recently partnered with Costco (yes, that one) to offer Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services to members via 65,000 pharmacies.
  • Decent became one of 12 founding members of Messari’s Disclosures Registry, joining other leaders like Aion, Blockstack, Civic, and District0x to commit to voluntary disclosures of key financial information.
  • Decent will be a founding member of Blockchain in Healthcare Global, a new IEEE ISTO trade association coming soon.
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