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Minnesota’s Jason Wu releases his vision for DeFiner 2.0

DeFiner 2.0: A truly permissionless and configurable DeFi lending protocol with your privacy 100% protected

Definer’s CEO, Jason Wu, recently released their phase 2 vision for upgrades which will allow the user to not only create the most configurable lending pool, but it is completely permissionless and protects privacy 100%. 

DeFiner 2.0 is introducing:

  • Smart Contract Factory which produces lending market on demand
  • Configuration Features: To customize risk control & interest model
  • Money Market Connection to help aggregate liquidity
  • Privacy Function to conduct an internal private balance transfer

The following article, dives into the details of these key features, what drives DeFiner 2.0 and why is DeFiner 2.0 the future of DeFi lending.


Definer 2.0 Intro


DeFiner is a Minnesota based fully decentralized, digital asset lending platform designed to provide an alternative marketplace for users worldwide to easily access new financial opportunities, secured by blockchain technology.
Visit Definer to learn more about the future of decentralized finance: Https//:definer.org

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