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Successful Fall Blockchain Meetup

Awesome fall event!!!

Minnesota Blockchain Initiative in collaboration with Minnesota SmartContacts had its first in-person meetup since 2019 last night with over 150 people in attendance.  A special thanks to Congressman Tom Emmer for taking the time to stop out and provide an update of his efforts in Washington DC to improve the blockchain/cryptocurrency environment within the US and specifically by providing legal clarity for us entrepreneurs.  We would also like to thank 2022 MN Governor candidate Scott Jenson for speaking on his views on how cryptocurrencies could be leveraged in the State of Minnesota.

After a short break the group divided up to spend time brainstorming and discussing several important topics.

-The current state of the markets with Jason Nordlund of Aeterno Capital.

-Tax-advantaged strategies with Jeremy Drane of blockchainOZ.fund.

-Defi: the future of structured finance with Brian Mahoney of Alkemi.network.

-Cyber security, keeping your crypto safe with Brooks Clifford of Bidwell Investment Group & Joe Reiben of Mandala Exchange.

The evening was a huge success and we hope to continue the momentum into the fall and winter with additional events and support for the blockchain in the State of Minnesota.

Thanks to our sponsors!

 Without their financial and technical support, this event was not possible.

Finally we would like to call out and thank Brooks Clifford for the many hours organizing this event and hosting the speaking portion of it – Awesome job Brooks. Additionally, there are many others that helped big and small (ya’ll know who you are), thanks everyone!


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