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VeeCon Web3 Superconference

This past weekend, the stars aligned in Minneapolis for VeeCon, a “Web3 superconference” held at U.S. Bank Stadium.

The event is named after Gary Vaynerchuk (pic 2), the popular internet entrepreneur whose newest venture is in NFTs and other Web3 technologies. Speakers and performers at VeeCon included Snoop Dogg, Mila Kunis, Beeple, Spike Lee, and even Deepak Chopra and Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer (pic 4)—all leading advocates and participants in this new world helping creators of all levels reach new audiences in new ways.

For the world at large, VeeCon converged 6000 members of Vaynerchuk’s online community and supercharged this cultural/economic movement by way of education, inspiration, creators sharing new projects, and networking.

For us here in Minneapolis, VeeCon filled a usually-quiet downtown with attendees’ joy and expression at hotels, restaurants, clubs, and, of most of all, at U.S. Bank Stadium—helping Minneapolis shine bright over this long weekend and offering Minnesota-based projects a chance to show their work. (pic 5 – St. Paul high school students present their NFT art at the Web3MSP Showcase)

Our gratitude goes out to Gary Vee and all his team, U.S. Bank stadium and all their staff, all the presenters, and all those attending this special event in this exciting, new (and crucial) industry. We in Minnesota are thrilled and honored you’ve chosen Minneapolis as your home for this year’s (and next year’s!) VeeCon.

We’re here to help however we can.

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