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Minnesota Start Up Partners with Ledger

Wow. BIG congrats to local entrepreneur  Brian Mahoney of WEB3MSP and co-founder of Alkemi Network, the platform now partnering w/ Ledger to offer DeFi services to users of Ledger Live.

Crypto borrowing and lending is taking a big hit these days, but DeFi is alive and well. Here’s a great example of a new integration, opening the world of DeFi to a million more users.

Read more from a recent Coindesk featured article: Ledger Live and Alkemi Earn

Or listen to Brian on Ledger’s Twitter spaces: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BdGYwYLmOgxX

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  • Minnesota has incredible IT talent…
    Congrats on partnering with Ledger and forging ahead in DeFi!!!

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