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“The Impact of Web3 on Law and Society” – THE CONFERENCE SPEAKERS


It’s our one-day conference at University of St. Thomas School of Law examining how Web3 technologies are reshaping our societies.

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This day offers a blend of big-picture theory about what’s possible and ground-level analysis of what’s happening right now—featuring a host of industry experts and an audience of students and professionals in law and business.

*And for legal professionals, we have 6.0 Standard CLE credits requested.*
Below are two of the speakers, each representing high-level and ground-level topics.


We start with the keynote address: Digital pioneer Robert Tercek will discuss the moral hazards within the corporate structure–and how decentralized governance structures in Web3 communities can offer a remedy.

This is a look at a fundamental institutional problem
and an introduction of a new paradigm for solutions.

And it’s just one of many such topics to be discussed Monday, October 23. 

Learn more and register here.

Then, kicking us off in the afternoon, we take a look at how AI is affecting one specific branch of law…


One of the more intriguing, basic questions arising from these new technologies is: “Who owns what?”

In crypto, people like to say, “Not your keys, not your coins.” But with AI, things aren’t so simple. Who’s the actual creator when AI is involved? If AI misuses copyrighted material, who’s the transgressor? And with the advent of AI tools with online anonymity, how will such judgements be enforced?

Leading Minnesotan IP attorney William Schultz heads a panel discussion addressing these and other questions on this topic.

And, again, it’s just one of many such topics to be discussed Monday, October 23 at the University of St. Thomas School of Law for our conference “The Impact of Web3 on Law & Society.”

Learn more and register here.

In all, 20 experts across five panel discussions will dive into the transformative power of Web3 and its implications for society.

Other topics include:

Starting a business in the Web3 space

The latest out of Washington, D.C. – regulations and legislation on cryptocurrency

Commerce on chain

See full schedule, speaker info, and reserve your spot at:  MNWeb3LawConference.com.

This is an opportunity to gain insights into these groundbreaking subjects, network with industry experts, and contribute to these discussions. And it’s happening here in Minnesota, establishing our state as a hub for Web3 and blockchain development and thought leadership.  

We look forward to seeing you there!


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