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Introducing MNblockchain Memberships!

MNblockchain membership price and benefit details

In 2023, we greatly increased our number of partnerships, events, and the size of our overall network.

For our 2024, we’re looking to do even more—events, partnerships, media, and more community. We’re looking for community members to *be* more. More involved, more invested, and have more access to all our initiatives, conversations, and the individuals at the forefront.

As a nonprofit, we’re not just reliant on the community for support; we’re here to raise the whole tide of the Web3 ecosystem in our state. With our new membership program, we’re excited to allow more people to be more involved with this undertaking.

Here enters our new Memberships Program.

Donate $85 through our PayPalVenmo, or send USDC on Coinbase (0x6c680fEa814196C07D0E9C72dAA6013842Ac23ec).
For other arrangements, email connect@mnblockchain.org. 

Here’s what you get:

First and foremost, you’re now an invested member of the community. You belong to the club; you’re supporting all the work that we do; and you have our whole organization—from board to committee member to volunteer to partner org—thanking you for your part in helping. 

In recognition of this support, you’ll receive an exclusive MNblockchain Membership NFT—your ticket and badge to grant further benefits (though name and email will also suffice to ID members). 

Such benefits include: special Membership pricing for all 2024 paid events. We also have Members-only events in the works—private AMA video calls with leaders in the space: builders, thought-leaders, policymakers. 

Our new membership program serve several key purposes: funding for our organization, growing the community, and offering an enhanced community experience. THANK YOU to the several who’ve already signed up. And WELCOME to more of you here deciding to hop aboard!

We have much in store for 2024. 
We’re thrilled to have you along!

-Brandon Ferdig
MNBlockchain President

Email us at connect@mnblockchain.org with any questions.

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