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A Full House for the Bitcoin ETF Presentation

A night for finance pros to learn about cryptocurrency
and crypto folks to learn about the finance world


Attendees filled the event room at Frankie’s Pizza for our March Meetup featuring Eric Thompson, CFP® and his presentation on the Bitcoin ETF.

Eric bridges traditional finance and cryptocurrency, and we saw several folks working in finance join us as first-timers. Eric’s talk also catered to everyone from the layman to the educated, starting with basics in Bitcoin, ETFs, and then the details of this particular investment product—including why it’s so popular.

“If you’re in $1000, the most you can lose is a $1000,” said Eric. “But the upside can be much more than that.”

This is, in part, because Bitcoin—and so the Bitcoin ETF—is seen as an alternative, a counter, to the current unsustainable monetary policy in the country, Eric explained. Led by the people, Eric added that most interest right now in the ETF has been from the retail investor, not institutions.

“We’re at the start of this,” he concluded.

The people sure came out Monday, asking Eric several questions and adding a strong networking aspect to the evening.

This time, we videorecorded the session! So look for this video soon capturing Eric’s talk and the Q&A.

Also, look to join us at our next Spotlight Meetup April 22. And let us know any questions/thoughts you have about these events or about us an organization (email connect@mnblockchain.org). We’d love your involvement as participants; we’d love to have you join our new Memberships program and our Slack community!

A BIG thanks for Monday to Eric, to all who came out, and to our host Frankie’s for the space—and that pizza!

-MNblockchain Team

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