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A Full House for the Bitcoin ETF Presentation

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March Meetup Recap: Exploring the Bitcoin ETF with Eric Thompson, CFP®

On a bustling Monday evening at Frankie’s Pizza, attendees eagerly gathered for our March Meetup featuring Eric Thompson, CFP®. With his unique expertise spanning traditional finance and cryptocurrency, Eric captivated newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.

Delving into the intricacies of the Bitcoin ETF, Eric elucidated its appeal from basics to nuances, shedding light on why it has garnered such widespread attention. As Eric aptly said, “If you’re in $1000, the most you can lose is $1000, but the upside can be much more.”

Highlighting Bitcoin’s role as an alternative to prevailing monetary policies, Eric emphasized its growing traction among retail investors, signaling a promising trajectory ahead. The lively Q&A session underscored the enthusiastic engagement of participants, fostering valuable networking opportunities throughout the evening.

Exciting news: for the first time, we’ve recorded the session! Stay tuned for the upcoming video capturing Eric’s insightful presentation and the ensuing interactive dialogue.

Whether you want to join our Membership program or become part of our vibrant Slack community, we welcome your involvement!

A heartfelt thank you to Eric, our attendees, and Frankie’s Pizza for contributing to yet another enriching event. Here’s to continued learning and connection within the MNblockchain community!

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