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What a Day!• Panels and presentations in the auditorium• Breakout discussions in the classrooms• Networking over lunch On Monday, leading thinkers and professionals in

IN TWO WEEKS! It's our one-day conference at University of St. Thomas School of Law examining how Web3 technologies are reshaping our societies. Now with new sponsor, Moss

Wednesday night in Northeast Minneapolis, we built it as we went along, experimented and saw what worked, and improvised with new collaborators. Wait, are we

We've narrowed the field down to these four projects, our featured presenters of the night. CONGRATULATIONS to: Vizmesh - an open and transparent NFT art curation

As part of Twin Cities Startup Week, we're doing our part for the blockchain industry by showcasing new projects in Minnesota. It's our first ever

The anticipation for the presentations was already pretty high, yet the speakers at our "Crypto Spring" event May 31 exceeded expectations. And the audience

Join us for a evening of presentations from Minnesotans pioneering new frontiers in blockchain and finance. Join the discussion and network with other professionals in

It's finally spring. While the Minnesota weather does remain cool, the crypto markets are heating up. Some banks are even melting down. Given all that's happening