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Working Groups

Building in the following areas

  • Communications
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Education
  • Writing.

Future groups are also being planned.  Below are a few areas in which you can participate immediately.


Our communication team is building an organizational communication plan. The communications team will:

  • create momentum and awareness for MNblockchain through various social media channels
  • interface for the organization for all media inquiries
  • develop and implement a website administration and content management plan
  • develop marketing materials for general public awareness and partner & membership outreach


We seek team members who have a desire to help guide the legislative outreach and advocacy required for creating an environment in Minnesota that is friendly and attractive to developing the blockchain and the coming programmable economy.


This working group is focused on MNblockchain’s educational platform. We are creating partnerships with the Universities, Colleges, and Highschools in order to create awareness and educational platforms that will encourage growth in the blockchain ecosystem. We facilitate partnerships between these educational infrastructures and industry to create innovation centers and platforms.

We also provide general educational resources to the interested public.

Local Industry

The Minnesota Industry support group will be forming soon.  This will include outreach to help businesses adapt to industry disruption and entrepreneurial support for startups.


MNblockchain blog has regular postings on emerging tech, blockchain-cryptocurrency education, local blockchain and crypto businesses, interesting decentralized project pieces, items of regulatory interest, and much more. We are looking for writers who can help.