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Mission: To build a world-class blockchain ecosystem

Within Minnesota and beyond

Our mission is to build a world-class ecosystem for blockchain technologies within Minnesota, and beyond. We are focusing on developing and executing a community-driven program targeted at establishing and growing our local Minnesota economy and protecting our reputation as a top tier technology state.  We support start-ups and established businesses, make policy recommendations, initiate and support research projects, and host conferences and other industry events. We will be a bridge between Minnesota and the global blockchain technologies community.

Our applied thought leadership includes active support for local business, education, and government to help build an ecosystem in the state of Minnesota with sustained impact for economic vitality and sustainable growth.

Technology Base

We facilitate the development of a healthy and robust base of developers and technology firms that have a core strength in Blockchain; providing ways for developers to accelerate their careers and more easily find these roles of the future.

Regulatory Environment

We support the development of smart regulatory approaches to questions raised by the technology. Through engagement with policymakers in state government, we  guide Minnesota in the top issues facing cryptocurrencies: questions about consumer protection, securities and commodities regulation, financial surveillance, privacy and law enforcement.

Advising Business Leaders

Our goal is to provide vision and real-world examples of how business will be changing and can leverage blockchain. We educate on the coming revolution so that businesses are prepared to take advantage of it, shift services where necessary, and startup new offerings.

Defining New Business Models

As we support tech, business, government, and university/college communities in growing these technologies: smart contracts, decentralized payment networks, decentralized file storage and computing power and more, the new business models will emerge creating an ecosystem that is sustained through its connectivity to larger national and global networks.

Attracting Investment

New business models will attract more investment in both blockchain businesses as well as the peripheral network supporting and utilizing these technologies. MNblockchain will provide active support by connecting ideas to investment firms, hosting investment summits, and providing connections so that ideas can move as fast as possible.

Positive Education

We will support the development of education for the greater MN community who will be using these technologies by supporting existing education in various Meetups and developing models native to the Initiative through forums and workshops.